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Excelliance would not exist without our Excelliance Experts and Partners—leaders from industry, academia and government dedicated to contributing to their professions. We rely on our Experts and Partners to evaluate program materials, visit campuses and participate in accreditation decisions.


Excelliance membership is teritorial, based on the country representation. It is comprised of professional and technical organizations that represent the various fields we accredit in applied and natural science, computing, engineering and engineering technology in particular country.

These societies join us because they see the value of reviewing and accrediting programs in their respective disciplines and their particular country. That is why they collaborate together to improve our general criteria, streamline mutual recognition of accredited programs and individuals, create specialized program criteria and recruit our pool of experts.

Representatives of our Partners are contrinuting to Excelliance Governance Bodies through participation in Board of Directors, Board of Delegates, Accreditation Commission or some other relevant governance body.