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What programs does Excelliance accredits?

We accredit postsecondary, degree-granting programs offered by regionally accredited institutions in the United States and nationally accredited institutions outside the United States. We do not accredit certification, training, or doctoral programs.


Meet EXCELLIANCE’S Definition of a Program

We accredit programs only—not degrees, departments, colleges, institutions, or individuals. We define a program as an integrated, organized experience that culminates in the awarding of a degree. The program will have program educational objectives, student outcomes, a curriculum, faculty, and facilities, as described in the accreditation criteria. We do not accredit certification, training, or doctoral programs.

Be Housed in a Degree-Granting Institution

We accept Requests for Evaluation (RFE) from post-secondary programs offered by degree-granting institutions with verifiable and recognized governmental, national, or regional authority to confer degrees. In some cases, an institution that does not meet this requirement may request an evaluation for a program if that program’s accreditation furthers EXCELLIANCE’s Mission.


Name Must Meet EXCELLIANCE Requirements

The name of a program seeking accreditation must be descriptive of the program’s content and be stated exactly the same way on the graduate’s transcript and in the institution’s literature.


Programs outside the U.S. where English is not the native language, must provide the program’s name both in English and in the native language(s). An institution may not use the same program name to identify both an EXCELLIANCE-accredited program and a program that is not EXCELLIANCE-accredited.

Some Programs Must Undergo a Readiness Review

We require a preliminary Self-Study Report from all programs seeking initial accreditation, if the institution has no currently EXCELLIANCE-accredited programs in that same commission. After a review of this preliminary Self-Study Report, which is called the Readiness Review, we will determine whether or not an institution is ready to submit a formal Request for Evaluation (RFE) for that program.

Language Requirements

A program seeking accreditation in a country where English is not the native language must provide its program name both in English and in the native language. English translation of a program name should be based on the technical content, not the literal translation of the program name, so that ABET can designate the appropriate accreditation commission(s) and determine the applicable criteria.

Official transcripts must be provided in English or come with a certified/official English translation.

The self-study report and other documents provided to the review team must be in English.

Programs must be able to prepare for and receive a visiting review team conducting activities in English. All visit activities will be conducted in English.