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Educator Certification

What is EXCELLIANCE GATE Certification?

EXCELLIANCE GATE Certification for Educators is the credential for educators who have demonstrated mastery of the EXCELLIANCE GATE Standards for Educators. EXCELLIANCE GATE Certification focuses on pedagogy, not on tools or devices, and is designed to change your educational practice, whether you’re a classroom educator, instructional designer, library media specialist, technology coach or in another role.

Now, more than ever, educators are on a journey to reinvent, rethink and reimage teaching and learning. There are so many people that try to perform activities of  educators, especially in the area of life long learning, vocational education and professional competence education. However, being a master of the respective professional topic does not guarantee that a person posses the skills needed for an excellent educator. Now, with certification of educators, organisations that engage educators have the reference of excellence when evaluating the preparenes of an educator for a planned assignment. By engaging an educator who completed Excelliance GATE Educator Program that leads to certification, organisation has a strong reference of excellence that brings success and quality in education programs.

The Excelliance GATE Standards for Educators are your road map to helping students become empowered learners!

The process combines 14 weeks of professional learning with a six-month portfolio application and review process, and recipients can apply to receive up to four graduate-level credits for their participation. These flexible courses put pedagogy first. They’re built to help educators, librarians, technology coaches and education leaders develop educational competencies and advance their careers by exploring critical topics in education. Is it rigorous? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes

Why get EXCELLIANCE GATE certified?

EXCELLIANCE GATE Certification challenges you to stretch yourself as an educator and positions you as an expert among your colleagues. Becoming EXCELLIANCE GATE-certified:

Deepens and expands your teaching skill set in applying the educator section of the EXCELLIANCE GATE Standards in practice.

Allows you to earn up to four graduate-level credits.

Connects you with an international community of education change-makers.

Prepares you to model effective practice for others in your school or district.

With your certification in hand, you’ll earn the international recognition you deserve for your technology leadership skills. And you’ll be prepared to support your teacher network in integrating tech for all of the right reasons!

Plus, it’s now easier than ever to become EXCELLIANCE GATE-certified! As of 2022, EXCELLIANCE GATELive attendance can now be applied to your certification. RegExcelliance GATEr for a cohort today!

About the Process

Set yourself apart by aligning your practice in teaching with excellence standards sets in Excelliance GATE certification program for Educators.

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The first step on the journey is to participate is to join  Excelliance GATE program and participate the workshops, trainings and other sessions that prepares you to the certification.

About Providers & Partners

Excelliance has selected this organizations to deliver high quality Educator training

Want more info? Review the EXCELLIANCE GATE Certified Educator syllabus!

EXCELLIANCE GATE Certification now includes revised activities with closer alignment to job roles as well as embedded portfolio practice and examples.


Get answers to your questions about EXCELLIANCE GATE Certification by emailing Excelliance GATEcertification@Excelliance